Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A dream job for some...

What do you want to be, when you grow up young girl?
 Do you want to be a surfer, and swim around the world? 
Or be a great old pilot, and see into the sky?
 Or a doctor, maybe save a few lives?
 I've seen you look through our career books, I know you're on your way,
 so tell me little one, how do you want to earn your pay?

I've had a long hard think miss, and I think I can confirm, 
that my dream job, an unusual one, it makes my little heart burn.
 And although many won't like it, what I do in my day to day,
 I'll be earning a good amount miss, and that's what it's all about, eh!

I'll get to wear me own uniform, and even a nice old hat. 
They insist on extra padding, but I think it'll make me look fat.
 It's good old exercise an'all miss, you're walking around all day.
 And the cars you get to see miss, wow, they get better every day.

The more cars you spot, the happier your boss.
 They seem to be happy with as many as poss. 
Jotting down car numbers, that's all I have to do.
 Can't understand why everyone don't want this job, I mean, why didn't you?

Its so easy miss, this dream job of mine.
 Hunting down cars from 9 till 5. 
The more you find, the higher your pay, 
I'm telling ya; I’ll be rich before I'm 28!
 Giving out tickets, that's the main bit of the job, 
it's only a bit of writing, and it earns you a few bob. 

So that's what I wanna be miss, when I grow up in this world.
A traffic warden extraordinaire. (She said whilst giving a twirl.)