Monday, 23 April 2012

8 legs a week!

As I lay here, in total relaxation in my bed, I'm looking around the room. Looking at the many objects dotted (or rather hurled) about. The hats randomly nailed to the wall, the records wonkily leaning up against the window facing passing traffic, the many socks and shoes scattered over the floor making this grownup room look more like a teenager's squat! Then suddenly out the corner of me eye I see it come down. Further towards me. Its tiny body bobbing in the air, hanging on by just a thin thread. It moves a few inches closer to me, and then stops dead. Whilst dangling on the thread, it slowly turns around. I'm getting bleeding scared by now, even though it's a tiny little thing, it's still a spider and has more legs than me!
Then it crawls back up again, nearer the ceiling, waits a few seconds and once again crawls fitfully back down. I wonder if this is the normal procedure for making a web. Does a spider go up and down, and up and down?.. 
It decides to return down once more, crawling  faster than the last time. It looks like it's flying in the air, as I can't make out this barely noticeable clear thread. 
It must have let go of its web this time, as the spider, which is now on the dresser, has started crawling around. 

Getting rid of all that hard work already? I thought. 

The only thing worrying me now is that the gangly little twirp is only half a meter away from me. Even though I'm incredibly tired, I can't seem to rest.
What if it crawls onto my pillow, I'm thinking? They do say people eat on average around 8 spiders a year in their sleep. Crawl into your gob apparently whilst you're snoring away.
 Might be bollocks, but I'm not lying here to wait and find out...

So I got out of bed and reunited myself with the couch.

And that's the end of that little story.

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