Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The red room

In an attempt to improve my writing skills, I thought it might be a good  idea to describe exactly what it is that I’m looking at, at this precise moment in time.  Barry Hines did it rather well when writing A Kestrel For A Knave. He, I noticed, went into fine detail about almost everything he was describing.
I thought I’d have a go at this approach and discuss ‘The red room’..

After a quick glance into the room, one would decide it to be a space used merely for a one nights sleep; since only having a mattress and a dresser in it, but, if one takes a closer look into this bare room, one would suddenly see there’s a lot more to it. For example, though the walls are blank, they do have drain pipes running down them. These pipes can get bleeding hot if the boiler's left on over night; I’ve burnt my feet a fair few times when accidently touching them whilst asleep.
The walls leading to the ceiling  don't go directly up and horizontally across like most walls tend to, this particular wall tilts at an angle; I think it might be part of the roof actually. I am on the 3rd floor after all!

The room is red because there’s a red bulb in the light socket. I like it red.  It reminds me of one of the pubs I went to in Amsterdam a few years ago; they've got quite gritty pubs over there, full of smoke and live rock and roll!

There’s a double mattress on the floor, it’s quite comfortable.
Unfortuanely it takes up most of the floor, that’s why the room’s so empty.

There’s a metal dresser thing on the left side of the mattress which has 4 shelves attached to it. It’s quite tall, looks relivitely new.

The first shelf has an old 80’s telly on it. It doesn’t work, I just put it there because I thought it looked cozy and old school. Maybe Paul could take a look at it.

The second shelf has 5 books neatly stacked up; none of them I’ve read, but I intend to.

The 3rd shelf has 2 white mugs on it, one of which is filled to the top with tea, the other is empty.

The last shelf also has mugs on it; 4 mugs in total. Most of them are empty. I should think about bringing them back downstairs soon. I was curious as to where they’d all gone.

There’s only a small patch of carpet left that you can see, since the mattress takes up most of the room. On the carpet are a pair of converse, a teapot, a pair of old winkle pickers and some baccy.
There's also a small window high up on right side of the wall.. I hear pidgoeons outside sometimes. I never seem them though.

That’s all there is to say about ‘the room’.. One day I’ll put pictures and shelves up. But for now it’ll do me just fine.

Sorry, that bit of writing was actually kinda dull.. But I did manage to say quite a lot about a room that only has a mattress and a dresser in it. Skills!

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