Thursday, 17 March 2011

My faded blue converse

I've decided that I’ve been neglecting my converse. I’ve had them for roughly 6 years now, and they've gone from being an intense shade of blue (see picture above), to what now look like washed out, bedraggled shoes handed down the sibling tree. From oldest to youngest. . But that isn’t the case for my converse, as they started as mine, and remain mine. Even if they do look like they’re my great grandmother’s farming shoes!

 I got them originally from my twin sister’s boyfriend, at the time. They were a lovely strong shade of navy blue. I already had a pair of red and white converse, but these were better. They were boots for a start and the colour I liked, as blue generally goes with any outfit! Red tends to just work if you’ve got red in an outfit, like a hat, or jacket etc..

Plus now I had the 3 pairs of Converse simulating the colours of the Union Jack! I could swap them around sometimes, I thought. Wear a red one on me right foot, blue one on me left, sometimes red and white together….Oooh the fun I had! Shame I couldn’t wear all 3 colours at the same time! Maybe one day they’ll invent a pair of converse gloves...Or something. 

They’ve got many a stories to tell, these converse. Been through a lot. They were with me on my first day of work at the hospital. (The days when you could wear anything on your feet, but now it's strictly black shoes and black shoes only.) They’ve been with me on a few Virgo/Optics/Bunters gigs, stomping away behind the Hammond or mainly now the Rhodes or drums. . But more often than not, these days, they follow me solely through a journey of stale beer, brown water and candle wax. All things to be found in a pub..

 I’m incredibly impressed with how they’re holding up actually. Considering the amount of shit I’ve put them through. A little hole is beginning to emerge at the back, but I can imagine it won't expand too quickly. Even if the odd bit of water does dribbles in, I won’t care. My socks are pretty hard-core. But I won’t bang on about them, I’ll leave that story for another blog.

So with that, I’d like to thank Marquis M. Converse who started up the Converse rubber company back in 1908.. What would the Ramones of worn without them!


  1. My first pair were blueys too - I became slightly obsessed with Converse for a while picking up Jack Purcells and all varities..

    Although my last and perhaps most worn pair are The Who edition

  2. love these shoes. I have a few pairs myself. My favourite and oldest pair are my lime green ones which have now been thrown to the back of the cupboard to rot due to the soul coming off one and a hole in the other. They used to be a brilliant tennis ball green, now they look like piss and shit. Maybe I will revive them to there orignal form for future trips to the railway!