Friday, 21 January 2011


This is just a test to see if this actually works. I have nothing witty to write, no jokes to tell and no lyrics to suggest. I am simply trying this out to see if I’ve succeeded in creating my first blog.. I know that's incredibly dull and I apologies for wasting your time as you were so good to click on here, and all I’ve got for you to read is a load of tut!

On a brighter note I do have a hot dog and chips sitting in front of me and together it came to a mere price of £3.50! Now that's somethin to read about, eh, eh, eh.... 

I'm off now..


  1. welcome to the blogosphere!
    looking good lovelygirl:
    can't wait for some Jacobs pearls ^_*

  2. Cheers Dee..i'll make the next one a bit more exciting!

  3. like! (y) minded. lol