Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Losing shit, finding shit, losing shit again!

Losing shit.......Finding shit.......Losing shit again...Getting pissed off. Pissing others off. Wanting to punch someone. Where’s my mobile! What the fuck's it doing there? 

I really hate the phrase 'Everything must have a home’. It’s obsolete and not everything needs a home necessarily. Besides, a home is for human beings, not socks! But I do agree that everything needs to have a place where it returns to after it's been used.
 D'ya know how many hours I’ve wasted looking for shit...God it makes me tired even thinking about how much time! So why do I find it so dificult finding a place to put things? Cos I can't be arsed that's why. Paper work...that can go on a table, any table will do.  Leads, they can go somewhere near the function room cos that means they're practically in the function room..Phono leads...Yep, that'll do just fine!  They're red and white, who's not gonna spot 'em! 
Box of tea bags...on top of the freezer?  Coat...Under the sink?

That's all fine, until you need to pop to the shops suddenly and you're dashing around looking for your coat, only to find it's underneath the sink, where you left it. And it's soaking wet.. Soaking cos the lovely person who offered to wash up, is spilling water all over your Duffel, since you idly threw it directly underneath the sink. Who should I be pissed of with, them or me?

Me! Or them?...No, no, it's me! 

Monday, 24 January 2011

Don, shall we call him?

Don- "Her name is Fie"
Man- "Your name is Fie"
Fi- "No, my name is Fi"
Man turning to Don "You said her name was Fie"
Don- No, well yes. Obviously I know her name is  Fi. She knows I know her name is Fi. I was just er, thinking of someone else. Hahaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh- (X 1 HOUR)

Apart from the fact you've been calling me Fie for over a fucking year now!

Friday, 21 January 2011


This is just a test to see if this actually works. I have nothing witty to write, no jokes to tell and no lyrics to suggest. I am simply trying this out to see if I’ve succeeded in creating my first blog.. I know that's incredibly dull and I apologies for wasting your time as you were so good to click on here, and all I’ve got for you to read is a load of tut!

On a brighter note I do have a hot dog and chips sitting in front of me and together it came to a mere price of £3.50! Now that's somethin to read about, eh, eh, eh.... 

I'm off now..